Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dang It!

My cousin put a story of her son on her blog concerning the elections, and that reminded me of something my son said. Most of you probably know that Prop 8 was a big thing here in California...still is. For a few months I was able to help with the various phases of polling and informing people of what prop. 8 was about. He would see the sign out front on our yard and would make sure and point out every "Yes on 8 sign". He would always tell me "8" would win in the election. I asked him if he knew what prop. 8 was, and he told me that it was to protect traditional marriage (it said that on the sign). I told him he was right. I didn't need to go into anymore detail, so I didn't. He comes up to me late on election night and tells me to wake him up and tell him who had won the presidency. I told him and he said, "Dang it! Grrr..Now we will have to pay higher taxes! Dang it, dang it dang it!" The funny thing is that we haven't talked with him about the president at all, it must be all the Glenn Beck that Rob watches. He was very aware of the elections this year.
Kalyn said a funny thing the other day. Earlier this year she got her ears pierced. She asked me if boys could get their ears pierced too. I said that some boys do, but it really should be for girls only. As I was dropping off my son at school one morning, a little boy opened the door for Logan (we have a valet program) and he had big, bright diamond earrings in his ears. She asked me, "Mom was that a boy or a girl?" I said, "A boy. Why?" "Why does he have earrings?" I told her that maybe he didn't know he was a boy, or that maybe he thought it was cool. She replied, "or maybe he just likes the bling bling".

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bakersfield Pageant Performance

Logan and Kalyn getting ready for their Tavaci performance at the Bakersfield Pageant. I took some video of their performances, but I have to figure out how to put it in this blog.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


We have been looking forward to this day for a long time. Logan was so excited. I am so grateful for these pictures that Carolyn (Rob's Mom) took for us. About 15 minutes into the baptisms for the stake Madisen got the flu.....bad. I barely made if for the baptism and totally missed the confirmation. She was so sick. He was baptized and confirmed and even though I missed it (which I'm sad about) he is happy.

Logan's Baptism Day!

Logan getting ready to be baptized by his dad.
Logan with family members after they confirmed him.
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Kalyn at Spring Fest '08

Kalyn getting ready to do a running/jumping thing.
Kalyn on the bars.
Kalyn showing off her medal.
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Logan performing at Spring Fest '08

Logan getting ready to do a handstand.
Logan jumping high.
Logan's coach posing in his picture.
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Logan....I mean Wolverine.

Our Kalyn-Hannah Montana.

Arghh...Captain Brayden.

Madisen the Ballerina.

Ally, Brayden, and Kalyn waiting in line for a game at the carnival.

The McCauley, Haworth, and O'Connor kids.

Seeing ddoouubbllee? Look at all those muscles!

Melissa and Madi.

Trunk or Treating 2008

This year our ward had a carnival and the trunk or treating for the kids. My sister Melissa and her daughter Ally came with us. They all had a good time. They got lots of candy, and that IS the most important thing you know.