Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

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Madi's New Do

Madi got bored one day and decided that since her brother had given her a haircut a couple of times that it was her turn. She walks out with a big smile and a clump of hair hanging from the back of her head. I went and looked and found A LOT of hair on the ground. The sad thing is her hair had just grown out long enough and the morning of her haircut I got to put her hair is one big pony tail. Oh well it'll grow, but until then she get to look like this:

Bray's B-Day!

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Logan....I mean Wolverine.

Our Kalyn-Hannah Montana.

Arghh...Captain Brayden.

Madisen the Ballerina.

Ally, Brayden, and Kalyn waiting in line for a game at the carnival.

The McCauley, Haworth, and O'Connor kids.

Seeing ddoouubbllee? Look at all those muscles!

Melissa and Madi.

Trunk or Treating 2008

This year our ward had a carnival and the trunk or treating for the kids. My sister Melissa and her daughter Ally came with us. They all had a good time. They got lots of candy, and that IS the most important thing you know.