Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The McMonkeys

I haven't posted in a while, but there actually has been alot going on.  Christmas was good.  New Years was good, but we were a little sick so we couldn't have our normal New Year's Eve party.  Logan finished his Science Fair Project.  He did a really good job.  His project was "Messing with Magnetism"...something about an electromagnet getting stronger.  I just helped with the poster.  Rob helped Logan with the project.
Here is a picture:

Logan is in basketball and is doing really well.  His team is 3 for 3 so far.  Kalyn has been busy with her little social life and is working ongoing to her 4th birthday party since the middle of January.  She and Brayden are in a Pinnochio play.  Kalyn is Figaro (the cat) and Brayden is a shark.  We spend most of our evenings at practice.  Brayden is keeping busy here.  I guess he wanted to see what he looked like blue.

My kids have always been talented in the climbing skill, but today Bray decided to challenge himself a little more.

Here is what they normally do:

And here is Brayden challenging his skills because it just wasn't challenging enough.
So this is what he did:

That's why there were footprints on the wall! I couldn't figure out why there were footprints all the way from the ceiling to the floor.

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Erika said...

Love your blog! I especially like that quote at the top left - I remember that meeting well! :)

Your kids are so cute climbing the walls & doorframes. We used to do that when I was a kid - my siblings and I. Good times.

Love the face art - that's a keeper picture for sure - I bet you can't wait to put that in the wedding DVD! HA!

Oh - and your family picture at the top is gorgeous. Love it, love it!

Thanks for sharing!
Hugs ~ Erika

Logan....I mean Wolverine.

Our Kalyn-Hannah Montana.

Arghh...Captain Brayden.

Madisen the Ballerina.

Ally, Brayden, and Kalyn waiting in line for a game at the carnival.

The McCauley, Haworth, and O'Connor kids.

Seeing ddoouubbllee? Look at all those muscles!

Melissa and Madi.

Trunk or Treating 2008

This year our ward had a carnival and the trunk or treating for the kids. My sister Melissa and her daughter Ally came with us. They all had a good time. They got lots of candy, and that IS the most important thing you know.