Monday, August 23, 2010

What does a bead, toilet paper, and a penny all have in common?

So our summer was interesting. We have had our share of sibling arguments, brotherly brawls, and creative curiosities. I've decided to tell you about the creative curiosities, because you probably have heard plenty of sibling arguments and been in your fair share of brotherly brawls.

One fine hot summer morning, I send Brayden off to summer school. The two older kids argue about watching another Barbie movie and Madi decides to help me vacuum with her nose. At least I hope she was at least trying to help. She comes to me and says, "My nose hurts!" Trying to get some cleaning done...I tell her to try and blow her nose. She starts to wimper and runs and hides. I thought that was a strange reaction from me telling her to blow her nose. I find where she is hinding and crying and asked her what was wrong. "My nose hurts!" "Madi, did you put something up your nose?" She starts pouring out the tears. I tried to get her to blow, but nothing was coming out. I could see an orange coned-shaped bead up her nose. Of course the pedi doctor was closed, so off to the ER I go. $100 later and lots of tears the bead come out. So I paid $100 for a bead that I already owned and they didn't even let me keep it. "Madi are you going to put things in your nose again?" ...."No".

Another fine hot summer morning, the older kids are again fighting only this time it was the Wii, and I hear another wimper. This time it was Brayden. He comes up to me and says, "Mom...I got something in my ear"..."uh yeah, Brayden it's called wax. Go get a Q-tip", I said. "No, Mom I have toilet paper in my ear!" "Brayden why did you put toilet paper in your ear?"..."Uh-e-uh.", he said. I looked and sure enough a tiny wad of toilet paper was in his ear, just far enough that if I tried to get it out, I would've shoved it in farther. So off to the doctor's office we go. I made him keep his head sideways the whole time so that gravity wouldn't make it go in further. $25 later and lots of giggling from all the staff (including the doctor)we left. That is some expensive t.p.! "Brayden, are you going to put things in your ear again?"..."No".

Yet another fine, but hot summer morning, the kids were watching another show, but there was no fighting over the tv this time, it was, "Who ate all the crackers?!?"..."Not me!...Yes you did!...No I didn't!...MOOOOMMMM!" I hear a sound like someone is choking and quickly ask, "Is everyone ok? Is anyone choking?"...."No..No...No..No." I think good...all four answered. Madi walks up to me and says, "Mom, I ate money." "What?!?" (hence the choking sound I heard) I quickly went to my wallet and took out a bunch of coins and told her to point to the type of coin she ate....of course she pointed to the quarter! Geez! (only I didn't say geez!) Called the doctor and went in. They said, "Well, there is nothing we can do, but we want an x-ray and you'll have to examine her bowel movements until it comes out." CRAP!!!! (Pun intended and I really did say that!). So I took her to get an x-ray and asked if they could tell what type of coin I was looking for, 'cause at this point who knows what I'm going to find!' They said that they couldn't tell. Thirty-six hours later, $225 out of pocket, and four rememberable experiences of bowel movement examinations later, out comes a bright and shiny penny!....A PENNY!!!! $225 for a penny!!!!...."Madi, are you going to put things that don't belong in your mouth anymore?"..."No".

UGH! School is finally here...... THANK...YOU!!!

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Logan....I mean Wolverine.

Our Kalyn-Hannah Montana.

Arghh...Captain Brayden.

Madisen the Ballerina.

Ally, Brayden, and Kalyn waiting in line for a game at the carnival.

The McCauley, Haworth, and O'Connor kids.

Seeing ddoouubbllee? Look at all those muscles!

Melissa and Madi.

Trunk or Treating 2008

This year our ward had a carnival and the trunk or treating for the kids. My sister Melissa and her daughter Ally came with us. They all had a good time. They got lots of candy, and that IS the most important thing you know.